Aape Simple Color Collar Polo Shirt (Black)

Brand: Aape
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Item: Aape Simple Color Collar Polo Shirt 
Brand: Aape
Color: Black
Size: M, L, XL

Though simple, AAPE’s black collared polo shirt never fails to make an individual look sharp. The added red lining in its collar adds a breath of life and vibrancy to its wearer. Partner it with a nice pair of pants and shoes and, viola, you can now blend in with the crowd and bring out the best in simple fashion.

AAPE is a sub-line of A Bathing Ape offers products that are set in between the current A Bathing Ape and BAPE Kids range, thus hoping to enter the youth-oriented aesthetic. Known for the brand’s camouflage pattern, the brand focuses on the action-sports aspect of urban life through product offerings that are loud, rather garish and communicates the Japanese brand’s distinct aesthetic in its designs.